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eCharis Product

Your new eCharis is jam-packed full of content taught by men and women of faith taken from years of practical experience.

There are no advertisements, product placements or chatter in these lessons.

It’s so simple to study…simply choose your session, choose your module, then choose your lesson.

At the end of each module there is a test to check what you just learned. You get instant test results – there’s no Internet connection needed to receive your results, but you will need to connect for your tests to be recorded on the database.

Here’s what you get when you own eCharis…

eCharis Curriculum

The curriculum is released to the eCharis app in a total of 39 modules, split into 4 sessions.

Timing of the release of these sessions will depend on the payment plan you choose when you sign up to the eCharis program.

Session 1

Course Instructor
A Sure Foundation I & II Andrew Wommack
Holy Spirit I Wendell Parr
Galatians Barry Bennett
Life Foundations Mike & Carrie Pickett
Prosperity God’s Way Greg Mohr
The Basics of Righteousness Andrew Wommack
Holy Spirit II Wendell Parr
Romans Lawson Perdue
Principles of Grace and Faith Rick McFarland
Holy Spirit III Wendell Parr

Session 2

Course Instructor
Prayer Minister Training Daniel Amstutz and Carlie Terradez
Prosperity, Finances, & Giving Andrew Wommack
The Heart (Essence) of the Gospel Arthur Meintjes
Relationship with God I Andrew Wommack
Old Testament Survey I Wendell Parr
In Christ Realities Lawson Perdue
Basic Bible Doctrines Lawson Perdue
The Ministry of Jesus I Barry Bennett
Receiving From God I Andrew Wommack
Old Testament Survey II Wendell Parr

Session 3

Course Instructor
Introduction to the Bible Barry Bennett
Lifestyle of Worship Daniel Amstutz
Finally, My Brethren Delron Shirley
Old Testament Survey III Wendell Parr
Essential Truths of the New Testament Arthur Meintjes
The Fruit of the Spirit Greg Mohr
Relationship with God II Andrew Wommack
Old Testament Survey IV Wendell Parr
The Ministry of Jesus II Barry Bennett
The First Book of John Lawson Perdue

Session 4

Course Instructor
Old Testament Survey V Wendell Parr
Possess the Land Barry Bennett
Bible Covenants Lawson Perdue
Receiving From God II Andrew Wommack
Old Testament Survey VI Wendell Parr
Let Freedom Reign Arthur Meintjes
Excellence in Ministry Greg Mohr
Healing Barry Bennett
Biblical Ethics & Morals Greg Mohr, Beth Landt, Barry Bennett